Christian and Shakti are two girls from different parts of the world who met in the USA. They quickly found a collective interest in healthy foods, active lifestyles and mutual curiosity of international ways to natural living. With mismatched talents and common life goals they decided to share it here on their space on the World Wide Web.

“Chipotle” Christian was born in Japan from a Japanese mother and French-Italian father. This combo opened a diverse look on life and cuisine as their family lived and traveled between Japan and parts of Europe, mainly France and southern Bavaria. Patience and neatness taught Christian to reach for perfection in everything she does. Starting from a simple prep to a presentation of a dish to making sure each photo shows exactly how a dish tastes. You can guess who in this duo is finalizing the last minute touches.

“Potato” Shakti was born in the beautiful, cultural city of St. Petersburg, Russia. She is pure Russian with a big love for Indian spices, which she learned from her father, Japanese culture, juicing and much more. Aside from Potato being the one who likes to run the show and tell Chipotle what to do, she also makes sure that the process is fun. Shakti is also an actress and voice over talent. You can find out more about her work at Shakti Devi. But that’s not all!

They take responsibility for the four souls that have graced their lives and given them the honor of caring for them. These three guys are constantly on top of their humans to making sure carrots, apples, avocados and bananas are being shared. They top off their week with regular treats of raw bones.

Please meet Ecco and Emmett, two Chihuahua brothers, their sister cat, Bombay, a mackerel-colored tabby found in a bush with a fractured femur, and Aillie, a Pomeranian mischief. You will get to know them throughout this blog as you’ll learn the process of how to make a raw meals and treats for your pets and some holistic tips on pet health.

Welcome to Chipotle’s and Potato’s healthy international food blog. Let’s make some healthy eats!

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