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Tomato Mozzarrella Tower Insalata Caprese

Tomato Mozzarella Tower Insalata Caprese with a Twist!

“C’è mozzarella… e mozzarella!”—as people say in Italy—“There’s mozzarella… and then there’s mozzarella!”. We can also push it a little further and say there is a tomato… and there is a tomato! Our favorite tomatoes are the colorful heirloom variety. Sweet, juicy and so fragrant of late summer—they are the kings of tomatoes in our […]

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Draniki Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream

“Draniki” Potato Pancakes, Russian-style!

Hot tea with lemon, good music, a little time spent surfing the Web and our draniki made for a cozy day. This got me feeling nostalgic and I found myself in the pantry grabbing ingredients for draniki, the classic Russian-style potato pancakes. It is similar to and can be compared to the American hash browns. […]

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